The mission for our Mississippi District Campground is to continually improve the campground area and facilities as to better serve the constituency of the Mississippi District, UPCI so that our events are held in comfortable accommodations.

World Network of Prayer

The World Network of Prayer is a hub for receiving and distributing prayer needs throughout our fellowship. It is to provide the prayer agenda for producing the power of agreement. It also serves as a resource center for individuals as well as local church prayer leaders.

The official monthly publication of the Mississippi District to share good reports, revival and growth in the Mississippi District.
Upcoming Events

May 26 - 27 - NAM Spanish Conference
Madison Parkway

June 5-9 - Junior Camp
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June 12-16 - Youth Camp
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July 11 @ 10AM - District Conference

July 11-14 - Camp-Meeting

January 8-13, 2024 - Caribbean Cruise
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